State of the art powder coating equipment and trained craftsmen ensure premium quality


Nordson Encore

The revolutionary new Nordson Encore powder spray system is packed with features to provide unsurpassed operator control and powder coating capability.

The Encore systems all digital control surpasses all other conventional powder coating spray systems. Encore's electronic control panel allows finite adjustments which save costly powder and help produce superior finishes and the gun itself allows on-the-fly operator adjustments for those difficult cavities or recoat applications.

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Paint process

Powder Coating is a durable, attractive and cost-effective painting option.

Applied as a dry powder without solvents or chemical fillers, powder coating emits near zero volatile organic compounds. (VOC's).

The powder coating process starts with a complete cleaning process to remove any surface contaminants such as corrosion, dust or oils.

After cleaning, the work piece is moved to the enclosed and ventilated spray booth.

A slight negative electrical charge is applied to the work piece and powder is applied through a specialized nozzle that imparts a positive charge to the paint particles. The positively charged powder is attracted to the negatively charged work piece and a smooth, even coat of paint is produced.

After painting, the workpiece is moved to the curing oven. Normally the powders cure at 200°C (390°F) in 10 minutes. The curing schedule could vary according to the manufacturer's specifications.


Marchesini Powder Coated WheelCustom Dirt Bike WheelPowder Coated KTM Swingarm


We have partnered with DuBois Chemicals in an effort to reduce the environmental impacts associated with powder coating operations.

DuBois has been offering innovative cleaning solutions since 1920 and is a partner in the EPA's Climate Leaders Program.

DuBois will be providing DuraTEC 100 which is a phosphate free cleaning alternative to the traditional iron phosphate cleaners used in the powder coating industry.

  • Eliminating Phosphates from the cleaning process avoids accidental discharge risks to the environment.
  • DuraTEC 100 is now ACT test panel's standard for Zirconium products.
  • Superior Cleaning saves time and expense during the powder coating process.