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psp powder coating services Overview

Sandblast Before & After

Sand Blasting is one of the most effective pre-treatment options for preparing your project to be powder coated. Sand blasting can gently strip away years of corrosion without using harsh chemical treatments. Sand blasting also leaves the metal with a consistent finish that is ideal for powder coated paint application.

WashingChemical Washing removes surface contaminants such as fine dusts and oil compounds that would reduce paint adhesion and performance. We use environmentally safe, phosphate free pre-treatment solutions from DuBois Chemical Company. DuBois is an EPA Climate Leaders Program member with a sound commitment to reducing environmental impacts. Read More

PaintingPowder Coating is a durable, attractive and cost-effective finishing option for most metal items. Offering many advantages over traditional liquid enamel or acrylic finishes, powder coating is also cost effective. Offering one of the most comprehensive color palettes in the Pacific Northwest region, PSP can handle even the most difficult projects. Read More

Powder Coating Advantages

Widest surface thickness ranges without the running or sagging issues common with liquid paints.

Thousands of available colors, textures and applications ensure the right color to meet your finishing needs. From high visibility industrial safety colors to sultry automotive eye catchers, PSP offers you the very best solutions.

Environmentally friendly, application emits nearly zero volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and over sprayed powder is collected and recycled ensure capture and avoiding release.

Competitively priced and simple to apply, powder coating is an option for most budgets.

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services list

  • Powder Coating Prep Services will prepare your parts for optimum powder coating adhesion and paint performance.
  • Corrosion Resistance is a fundamental advantage. Anything metal capable of withstanding curing temperatures from 350-400 degrees can be coated.
  • Sand Blasting removes stubborn corrosion elements.
  • Premium quality paints from Cardinal, DuPont, Prismatic and Sherwin-Williams mean long term performance and dependability.
  • Top quality finish options including Class A options help you meet your critical project timelines and reduce your cost of ownership.
  • Experienced technicians mean your valuable project will be finished on time the first time.
  • Large Color/Paint Palette availability gives you ultimate finish flexibility. Choose from traditional colors or exotic custom blends, PSP Powder Coating can provide just the right color to meet your exacting specifications.
  • Automotive, ATV/Off-Road, Heavy Equipment, High tech, Industrial, Fitness, Furniture, Garden, Marine, we can meet your project needs.
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